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Psycanics: A Science of Being and Life

Psycanics scientific philosophy of existence that creates accelerated personal change and advanced spiritual development.


About The Organization

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The Psycanics Foundation is a group of people, both professional and volunteers, who have understood the concept of Personal and of Planetary Transformation and committed themselves to that Vision of What Can Be. The Organization is working to open Psycanics Centers around the world.

About Thomas Michael Powell

Thomas Michael Powell is an experiential ontologist (philosopher) and mystic who spent 20 years in the mountains of southern Mexico, in intense meditation and other disciplines, seeking the answers to the nature of spirit and existence. He found the answers and has formulated them as an exact science of Spirituality, Life, and BEing called Psycanics.

Psycanics covers all of the non-physical areas of life (spirit, mind, emotions, happiness, love, relationships, communication, behaviors, manifestation and God) with one set of laws and formulas. As a hard science of Spirituality, Psycanics proves its statements, laws and principles; to specifically eliminate false ideas, personal beliefs, platitudes, and "airy-fairy" weirdness from true spirituality. Powell’s works, although somewhat technical, are written for the layperson and are about achieving personal power over your BEing (spirit) and life. His books are also a technology for the Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch. There is no more powerful system of personal growth than Psycanics.

Mission of the Psycanics Foundation

To preserve, disseminate and teach the scientific, spirit-ual knowledge (Sophia) that will catalyze a Transformation of Consciousness on the planet. This Transformation of Consciousness is an evolutionary and revolutionary change from the current state of External Quest, antilove, division, conflict, ignorance, inequality, poverty and suffering to the recognition that all is ONE. This will bring about flourishing of Love, Harmony, Power Together, Cooperation, Abundance and Happiness for all humanity. This Transformation is necessary and preparatory to the next spiritual stage of existence for humanity.


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