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Psycanics: A Science of Being and Life

Psycanics scientific philosophy of existence that creates accelerated personal change and advanced spiritual development.


Psycanics Articles: Basic Concepts in Psycanics

Psycanics is an extensive body of knowledge that gives you Power over all aspects of your life: the Power to create yourSelf, your BEing, and your life as you would have them.

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Psycanics Articles: Happiness and Love

Happiness+/- is purely emotional. (Many things are a polarity with a positive and a negative side, including your emotions and love. Polarity is represented in Psycanics with this sign +/-.) Your happiness+/- (happiness or pain) is how you feel emotionally, positive or negative, at any given moment. The only happiness that exists is your feelings of satisfaction, optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, love and joy. The only unhappiness and pain that exists are your negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, guilt, hate, resentment, anxiety, grief, etc.

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Psycanics Articles: The 7 States of Consciousness

Consciousness is not a fixed energy or quantity. Consciousness varies greatly from person to person, some people being much more aware, alert, wise, causal, loving, and happy (the Essence Energies) in life than others. Consciousness of Self (and therefore, consciousness of Essence) also varies in the same person in the normal daily cycle of sleeping and waking. They also vary according to how much vital energy we have used and wasted in thinking and emoting and resisting life. Spirituality is all about the accumulation, conservation, and wise use of energy.

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Psycanics Articles: Highlights of Psycanics

Psycanics is a science of the non-physical aspects of your existence. The following discussion is abbreviated from the book: You Are the Creator of Your Life, paperback and ebook available. You will also find these concepts explained at the deepest level in the book: Psycanics for Conversations With God.

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Book Excerpts: You Are The Creator of Your Mind—and there isn't one.

Excerpt from "You Are The Creator of Your Life"

Imagine the deepest, darkest jungle; a place that has never known the hand of a gardener or caretaker. The vegetation is wild and overgrown. The trees are twisted and gnarled and so thick overhead that they block most of the sunlight and the jungle floor is dark. Few produce fruit and the little that they do is of poor quality. Vines twist and turn and interweave every which way. The thorn bushes stick out like islands in the weeds and waist-high grass slices you as you try to push through it. The bushes and the trees are laced with cobwebs. Their creators standing guard on the edge. Vipers lurk about in the grass and slither between the tree roots ready to strike anyone who should tread near. The air is buzzing with biting flies, mosquitoes and other obnoxious insects.

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General Information: Introduction to Psycanics for CwG

CwG stands for the Conversations With God series of books, channelled by Neale Donald Walsch.

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Book Excerpts: How IT All Began

Imagine an infinite desert, an infinite plane of pure sand, with absolutely nothing else existing. Our desert is absolutely level without the least depression or the smallest mound. IT is exactly the same everywhere; there is absolutely no distinction, no differentiation, no distinguishing mark, and no landmarks. Even the grains of sand are identical. There is only IT. Infinite in all directions, IT has no limit, no edge—and therefore no center.

Excerpt from the book Cosmology.

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Psycanics Laws: The Laws of Happiness

The following laws all have formal, scientific or philosophic proofs. They have been proven TRUE. If any of them seem doubtful or false to you, you are at the limitations of your current beliefs about how life works, which is the point where you can begin to learn new things. For more information on this, see Science. If you wish to challenge any statement, send us an example of where you think it not true.

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Psycanics Articles: The Negative Emotions and How to End Them

Have you ever thought about the cause of suffering, of your emotions? Or have you lived just blaming external things, people or events for your pain? Are you aware that nothing outside of you can Cause your thoughts or your emotions?

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Psycanics Articles: IDentities: Defining Who You Are

Your most important creation, the most important creation you will or can ever make, is the creation of yourself. You create what you are and what you are not. The rest of your existence is a footnote to that. The only thing you really have to worry about in life is creating yourself according to your highest vision of who you can BE, especially in ESSENCE of BEing = Wisdom, Power, Value, Space and LoveJoy. The rest of life flows from that.

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